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You know you’re a Java Programmer…

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…pretending to be a RoR programmer, if:

  • You keep typing “nill” (null) instead of nil
  • You think private and protected keywords apply only to the method, thus spending the whole afternoon scratching your head and asking why your action is not being found.
  • You keep using extends on modules and don’t know that there’s an include as well (and don’t know the difference between them).
  • You feel uneasy comparing Strings with == and uses eql? instead (even if they’re the same)
  • You think ruby symbols is just Matz’s way of messing with your mind (like Matrix did)
  • You think Rails is WebObjects on steriods…and acid at the same time 🙂

Written by Geofrey

July 25, 2008 at 9:05 pm

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