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Goodbye WebObjects, Hello Rails

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It’s officially over. With five weeks left, I’m done doing WebObjects development for Web-CAT, and switching to a new project.  The powers-that-be have decided to focus on OLM instead and supplementing it with features that it lacks.  For now, this would involve taking over student submissions and group associations that would work in parallel with OLM.  It’s pretty rare to start a project from scratch, so I really want to tread carefully with design and testing on the forefront, especially that this is my first time using RoR as well.

Developing this on RoR would serve two purposes.  Since I only have five weeks left, we need some rapid prototyping environment to put this all together and have something to show at the end of summer to see if our understanding of submission and group workflow does indeed work.  The second purpose is to quickly assess if RoR is indeed a suitable platform for us given the requirement of plugability for the features that we want.  If all of this works by the end of summer, we could then perhaps start porting OLM bit by bit over to the rails application.

It’s a bittersweet goodbye, but we learn what we can from our mistakes and hope to do better the second time around.


Written by Geofrey

July 16, 2008 at 5:19 pm

Posted in OLM on Rails

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